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Do you consider employee benefits when you grow globally?
You should!

As you expand your global operations into new territories, understanding local customs and benefits will position your growing company as a top employer. Papaya helps you get those valuable insights and benefit information in over 90 countries, making growth as seamless as possible.

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What you need to know to be a top employer, no matter where you grow

Looking up local salaries isn’t enough when considering global expansion. To know how your global payroll will be impacted by growth to a particular country, it’s important to know the local labor laws. To be a top employer, it’s equally important to know the customary benefits th employees in each country expect to receive.
That is where Papaya can help. We provide growing companies with the best local solution in every country, helping you position yourself as a top employer both in the eyes of the local labor law enforcement and in the eyes of the local workforce.


Depending on where you want to expand, you may need to add on almost 50% to an employee's salary for insurance. In France for example, old age insurance is mandatory, yet accidents at work insurance is not; knowing what you need to cover as an employer can help you organize and manage your budget, ensuring you grow the right way.


Pension matters no matter where you want to grow – you may need to take into account an additional 28.8% for pension in some countries like Brazil, or a standard amount in other places like Denmark.


While no one wants to think about the day they might need disability, disability payment is something employers need to keep in mind – especially when undergoing global expansion. Papaya can help you understand the local laws regarding short and long term disability and how they impact your overall payroll and global growth.

Customary Benefits

Complying with local labor laws is important, however to position yourself as a top employer, you need to know what customary benefits are in each country. From subsidized gyms and personal trainers in Poland to interest free travel loans in the UK, knowing what benefits employees expect can help you better manage global growth and ensure you are positioned as a top employer no matter where you grow.

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According to the World Bank. Singapore is one of the easiest places to do business, making it a top location for growing companies. If you want to be a part of the bustling economy of Singapore, it’s important to know that the local work week cannot exceed 44 hours a week, and that employees cannot work more than 6 hours without getting a break.

In addition to the required paid maternity leave of 16 weeks, competitive employers offer childcare benefits as well as housing allowance and additional vacation days among other customary benefits.

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Brazil has more to offer businesses than ‘Carnival,’ making it a top location for globally growing companies looking to venture into South America. Before expanding to Brazil, it’s important to know how the local laws will impact your growth capabilities. For example, out of the 20 public holidays, employees may choose which 11 they want paid. Employees are also able to work for up to 10 days of their 30 vacation days per year at a rate of 133.33% of their daily salary.

To recruit top talent in Brazil, you have to comply with local laws as well as offer customary benefits such as 13rd salary and labor accidents risk tax.

To learn more about what you need to know before expanding your business to Brazil, download the Papaya Brazil guide today!


Did you know that annual leave in the United Kingdom is 5-6 weeks and that there is no limitation on sick leave (which is the employers responsibility to cover for the first 28 days)? In the UK, employment protection for employees is well developed, making it imperative for any company looking to expand to the UK to understand local laws.

In addition to contributing to pension and social security and having a 20% VAT rate, top employers in the UK often offer additional benefits such as childcare vouchers, gym memberships and more.

Thinking of expanding to the UK? Understand local laws and customary benefits before by downloading the Papaya UK benefit guide today!


While India may seem appealing due to low employee wages, there are local labor laws that must be adhered to both on the central and on the state level. Companies looking to expand to India need to take into account an employer contribution of 12% towards the employees pension fund, and an additional national insurance of 4.75%.

Since competition in India is fierce, employers often offer additional benefits including health care, car allowance and more.

Before you set your sights on India, be sure to check out the Papaya India Benefit Guide – download for free today!

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