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Simplify the Way You Manage Global Workforce with Papaya BI

Know more about your global workforce with Papaya BI

Want to improve your understanding of headcount costs? Need a clearer way to cross examine global workforce costs in various locations? The Papaya BI tool was designed to help you dig deep into your data, improving your understanding, strengthening your control and streamlining your operations.

Reconcile Global Data with Enhanced BI Tools
The brand-new Papaya BI tool was designed to give you more control of your global workforce, starting with the way you view and manage your data. Easily access dozens of reports and summaries to help you reconcile your global information and streamline global workforce management costs with ease. The Papaya BI tool lets you easily dig deep and drill down into your data, improving your understanding of global KPI’s and simplifying comparison of global workforce management in various locations. View all workforce cost data in a single user-friendly dashboard, and easily reconcile currencies with our multi-currency conversion capability.
Improved Reporting the Way You Want it
Papaya BI is committed to help you manage your global workforce better. That is why our new BI tool was designed to give you maximum control over the information you want to see. Easily access dozens of pre-set reports, create your own from the information that interests you most, and explore data from as high up or drilled down as you need.
  • Clearly visualize all global payroll costs
  • Generate end of year reports
  • Simplify overview of headcount costs
  • Compare different variables with ease
The Papaya BI tool lets you view all information through our stunning and user-friendly BI dashboard, or export information to easily managed formats including excel, PDF, CSV reports and more.
Improve Understanding of Global Workforce with Ease
Generating end of year reports and assessing headcount costs per country is a valuable way to understand the past expenses, however at Papaya, we want to help you grow globally, and that means understanding future changes in your global workforce. When you want to expand operations, explore a new market or make shifts in company structure, we can help improve your understanding of how the changes will impact the future of your company. By giving you more control and understanding of your entire global workforce, including your future needs, we provide the tools you need to grow to where you want to be.
See Our BI Tool in Action
  • Visualize business information
  • Simplify data reconciliation
  • Improve future planning