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How do you provide your global services?

Papaya’s global services are being provided by our preferred suppliers network. Our screening processes include various measures to assure we can work with the most professional suppliers all over the world. We always work with first hands, on the ground providers and we don’t engage with brokers as we want to ensure we get the source data.

Why do you work with global providers instead of providing direct services yourselves?

We choose not to provide services ourselves as we believe that this is how our customers get the best out of both worlds – by creating technology that can be monitored and track compliance and automate many of the process, we can assure you that we are partnering with the best and most knowledgeable resources globally, and enabling our SLA and automation processes, while assuring we represent our clients’ interest best in the relationship with our suppliers.

How come Papaya is able to offer a fixed model pricing while others are offering a much higher pricing for the same services?

We believe that global workforce is on-going, as you continue to grow. When Papaya was launched, we wanted to ensure that we could set an affordable pricing model in addition to providing our clients a great platform to manage their global needs. By automating many manual processes that are required along the way (data collection, data verification, billing and so on), we can reduce our operational costs while increasing the value to the customers. In addition, we have been able to decrease a lot of the manual work for our suppliers. As we have established long-term relationships with them to support the world’s fastest growing companies, we are able to work with them on a fixed pricing model that serves the clients interest best.

What does the software cost?

Our software is an integral part of the way we provide services to our clients. That’s why our software cost is bundled within the service cost. We want to make sure that we keep our pricing simple to cover all of your needs.

And what if I’d like to use Papaya’s platform only and keep the work I have with my current provider?

If you have managed to build a great relationship with a supplier- keep it! We are always happy to onboard new suppliers to our platform and on boarding processes. We do our due diligence to your supplier to ensure that no manual data is being used and to guide them in regards to what it takes to work with us. The average on boarding time is less than 3 working days. If you are onboarding your own suppliers,we will only be charging a software licensing fee per location.

How do you get the data to Papaya’s platform?

We don’t use API’s with our suppliers and we always ensure that the data is being uploaded automatically to our platform. When we onboard a new client and a new location, we map the data items with the supplier to create their accounting codes and dedicated data items the customer would like to see in the reports. The ongoing cycle data is being uploaded and downloaded on a user permission basis to and from our platform and we create automatic reports based on the supplier’s source files to reflect a single dashboard and view in our platform.

Tell me a bit about privacy concerns

We take privacy very seriously as we understand that payroll data holds the most sensitive information in an organization. We are all about GDPR, and we have in-house CLO and CSO to assure we are always up to date with regulations. We hold ISO 2007/10 certificate and enforce single sign on protocols. We never share sensitive information through email including your employee’s personal information. Everything is uploaded to our platform and downloaded only by permitted users.

Is Papaya customizable for my organization specific needs?

Papaya’s platform is a SaaS platform - no need to install anything locally and no integration efforts or extra costs are involved. Papaya supports multi integrations environment from HRIS integrations (WorkDay, Success Factors and more) to Expenses management solutions (Expensify, Concur and more) to ERP software (as NetSuite and SAP). We can also export data from different payroll providers such as Trinet, Guesto and more to integrate on a monthly basis within our reportings. Another important customizable part is supporting company specific data needs: worker ID’S, cost units, salary components and more.

What are the benefits for the workers?

Being a remote worker can make one feel a bit out of the loop as the HR team are not as easily accessible and most of the finance and operation functions are being outsourced and it’s hard to understand who is in charge of your personal issues as a worker. With Papaya’s portal, workers get online access to their pay slip, PTO and time tracking reporting tools and a supporting environment to address any question regarding benefits, personal matters and so on. Papaya’s unique benefits offerings, which allows companies to grant ANY local benefit (such as medical, dental and vision plans, life insurance, short term disability, meal cards, pension plans and more). Through Papaya’s global range of benefits, this makes the employee feel more at ease knowing that the company that they are employed by has their best interests at hand.

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