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Global HRIS

Everything You Wanted to Know About Global HRIS But Were Afraid to Ask

An HRIS, or Human Resources Information System, is a software solution designed specifically to help Human Resource Departments manage their data. It allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically and automatically, primarily for entry of data, data tracking and the data information necessities of an organization’s human resources (HR) management. It is useful for all HR processes that you want to track and from which you would want to gather data.

The Need for a True Global HRIS

If you are one of the 58% of small businesses that have international customers, or one the small American companies which already contribute to the 20% of US exports, then the chances are you have ‘gone global’ or are considering ‘going global’ – i.e. expanding your global presence.

The biggest problem with HRIS systems is that they are built for local needs and local needs only. However, having already established the need to go global with your business you have to think of your HRIS in global terms.

In the USForex survey of 2016,  higher quality talent (42 percent) and cheaper talent (28 percent) are encouraging more and more businesses to expand across borders. As organizations grow, they often find that ‘global’ work is happening, but the current HRIS is only built for local needs, without the capability to identify, track, and manage global needs.

If you perform a Google search on HRIS companies, you will see over 300,000 to over 81,000,000 HR Information systems results are listed, however only a small fraction has global HRIS capabilities. Why is this important? Because as your business grows, you will need an HRIS that will grow with it. With each border crossed, your business will face a whole new set of challenges, not least of which is with your HRIS. Each country presents its own unique set of complications with differences in regulations, reporting, language and expertise availability.  Maintenance can also be difficult and inconvenient when updates have to be applied all at once for different systems in different time zones. Language differences cause translation issues, important in country specific training and informational materials.

Having different HRIS systems in different countries can provide a part-solution to these problems, but still your organization needs the manpower, time and resources to collate, manage and analyse the different sets of data. The real solution? A true global HRIS. The global system centralizes, connects and manages all the HRIS information for you no matter which country you or your workforce are in.

The Global HRIS Advantage

An HRIS specifically built with global needs in mind enables your business to apply all the core HRIS capabilities and more, on a standard and consistent basis worldwide. What separates a truly global HRIS from the hundreds (if not thousands) of local-only HRIS systems is the ability to connect and manage ALL the HRIS needs at once.

  • Any reputable HRIS designed for global use, makes it simpler to assign workers to a project, regardless of what country or countries it is performed in. The centralized system enables effective collaboration between employees in different countries which can be monitored and measured in a legal, ethical and efficient manner all of which in real-time. You can use reports about groups of positions or your entire workforce, to determine your manpower requirements. Using the global HRIS, you can make better and more informed decisions, by identifying what resources worldwide are already at your disposal, whilst helping your business to automatically manage the fulfilment of training needs.
  • Payroll Integration is probably the biggest benefit of using a global HRIS over other less comprehensive systems designed for local needs. It provides the connection between financial software and accounting systems whilst guaranteeing adherence to local, state and national regulations as well as complete global compliance. A global HRIS ensures there is never any costly disconnect between what the official pay rate is and information that payroll has. This takes out the time needed by any already overstretched HR department and eliminates any costly mistakes which could result in employee dissatisfaction or government penalties.
  • A good global HRIS ensures that workflow is improved and time is saved by removing inefficient information handling between various locations in different nations. It allows your business to insert and importantly, connect, ALL the HRIS information for your global contingent workforce. This includes; employee contracts, pay roll, benefits (vacation, sick days, pensions), cost planning, expatriate management and processing. By enabling employee self-service, employees and managers can input and access key information without having to bother HR.
  • The global HRIS offers a level of data analysis that simply can’t be found in the other common, more local HRIS systems. It enables reporting on all employees with a simple mouse or button click regardless of what country or time zone they are in. Everyone gets the same consistent view of employee-related information at anytime and anywhere in the world making data analysis easy, meaningful and all of which in real-time. Accuracy and Transparency are two of the core foundations of the best global HRIS systems. The level of accuracy in the amount that is reported provides an unparalleled transparency within an organization’s Human Resource department.
  • An HRIS that has been built for global use provides a connection within your business like no local HRIS can. From recruitment to global workforce management and to payroll, a global HRIS uses advanced technology and a complete professional network to ensure your company’s global needs are more than just met. Language, local expertise and global compliance requirements are all catered for to remove the stress, time and cost of dealing with multiple separate local entities.

Going Global Hassle-Free with Papaya

The connection that Papaya’s HRIS system offers ensures your business a hassle-free transition to any global expansion plans you may have. As a small to mid-sized business owner, you and your managers are forced to wear many hats. The problem is, you can only wear so many hats before it becomes a problem. Papaya’s unique global HRIS provides the ultimate connection that links up, and manages your global workforce, whilst freeing up your Human Resources department to perform other vital functions. This allows you the management to focus on the key overarching goals of your business, free of any timely or costly HR distractions.

The Papaya HRIS system enables your organization to effectively manage its global workforce like no other. Through the two powerful components of HR and Payroll, it offers organizations the ability to help understand and fully utilize their global workforce’s talents, skills and resources, whilst ensuring global compliance is always adhered to.

Say goodbye to the headaches, hours and hassles of collating different excels, inputting data manually and having to maintain and analyse vast quantities of country-specific data and say hello to the full transparency, centralized, easy reporting and the full control of your global workforce that the customized Papaya HRIS system offers, which will adapt and grow, as your business grows too.