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A New Way of Thinking About Global Workforce

A ‘global village’ they call it. One Google click and you can find just about anything-whatever information you desire, it’s right at your fingertips. That is, except for when you’re looking to hire oversees and manage your HR in global operations. See, cross-continent trade and global economy, along with digital revolutions in the communication technology, have all made it possible for workforce to travel and immigrate according to global economic needs, all around the world. But it seems the most crucial aspect enabling this global workforce system, is neglected- managing the contingent workforce.


Let’s take a moment to consider how big this need is-

Finding local payroll services in China, or staffing services in Brazil- has been very much the same process since, well, ever. Sure, online searches are now available, but that aside, searching for services for your contingent workforce, or even looking for information on compliance and regulation issues, is a tedious, slow process. The only way to actually get an operation up and running in a new, unfamiliar market today, or even get relevant information on that market, is by hiring third parties to do the job for you.


So what’s the problem here? Simple-

Companies seeking to expand their business globally, don’t have the most basic component of a healthy global business process- their freedom of choice:

  • First, third party companies deny your basic right for transparency in a free economy, by taking away your ability to determine yourself who the best local suppliers are, by your own standards of quality, credibility and costs.
  • Second, this chain of mediation usually offers no guarantees; not on the quality of work, not on your transactions and not on the prices you pay.
  • And third, they charge you ridiculously high commissions on all services (sometime up to 50%!!!) with absolutely no apparent value to the customer.

In other words, it’s a complete pig in a poke- global companies are ‘hooked’ in the hands of third parties deciding for them who to work with, while charging a fortune in the process.


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But the global business world is changing, and this expensive, inefficient chain of middlemen third parties can no longer exist in a boundaries-free global economy.

Remember what Airbnb and Uber did in their industries?

Airbnb and Uber enabled us to engage directly with local suppliers around the world, and earned our trust by being liable for their suppliers and protecting us, their customers.

Now, it’s time for the global workforce industry to step up-


Global Workforce. Did anyone say ‘revolution’?

Global workforce management was born to maximize efficiency and value for global businesses. But somehow it’s been made into a bureaucratic burden. It’s time we change the way we think about it-

Contingent workforce is a fast-growing industry, constantly on the rise. Global corporations expand their businesses to new uncharted territories and need new, local, talented workforce fast.

The new way to manage this global workforce is by giving global companies the freedom of choice, allowing them to engage directly with local suppliers everywhere, in a completely transparent online marketplace.

Because everyone should have a free and direct opportunity to get information and supply. Isn’t that what the internet and the ‘global village’ are all about?

And this, if you will, is the new revolution in the global workforce industry, happening right now.


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