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Automated Global Payroll and Workforce Management Platform

Complete Control, Visibility, and Compliance, Centralized. 100% Automated. 0 Mistakes. Guaranteed

Papaya’s platform transforms traditional international human resource management into automated software with the belief that managing global workforce and international payroll across many countries with outdated tools is time consuming and prone to many mistakes.

Our platform connects you to a global network of preferred suppliers and employer-of-record service providers, offering a fully transparent, painless and automated experience for global employers and employees.

Global HR Doesn't Have To Be So Complicated

By using Papaya's free expert platform you get:

Cost efficiency and transparency – by directly hiring your local employer-of-record or professional employment organization.
Global payroll management – easy budget planning and control
Employee engagement app
Papaya Expert advice!

Simple Invoice and Multi-Currency Payments Workflows – at a Click

  • Periodic payments workflow wizard
  • Customers invoicing including in-app notification and invoices approvals
  • Workers payments tracking, including workers payment receipt confirmation
  • Be reassured that workers have no payment dispute/claims
  • Global payment platform, low transaction fees
  • Multi currency transfers supporting various payments methods

Time Based Notifications and Reminders

  • Notification based on user action and context
  • Get due tasks notifications: approval of worker reports/expiration of permits, contracts
  • System suggested actions: resume actions where you left off
Don't Miss Out!
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Seamless 48hr Setup
  • 100% Compliance