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Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Global Workforce Management Partner

What makes Papaya so different from being just another global workforce management company

Humans Are Great, but Your Payroll Deserves More

Ensure that payroll runs as an automated process! Have the ability to track and monitor mistakes while remaining compliant in every country you have workers.

Data is a Superpower, do you have It?

Papaya processes payroll data in over 100 countries. We will always give you real time data about salaries, benefits, and labor trends, giving you the superpower to be the best employer in any country you hire!

Budgeting, Planning, Analyzing

How long does it take to generate a report of your global workforce? How about to compare costs of workers in different locations and break those costs into benefits, taxes, and salary variants? If the answer is more than 10 minutes (including a coffee break), we invite you to come see how Papaya provides these reports in real time for our clients.

Manage All Your Workers in One Place

We know that when growing there are many different types of workers - contractors, PEOs, and some hired directly by sub payroll entities. We understand what it takes to expand globally, but what we don't get is - why manage each some differently? With Papaya's platform, you can enjoy the flexibility to manage your workers in the most efficient way for you based on your needs, location, and worker type.

How Painful Is Your Ongoing Payment Process?

Global payment is not getting easier or faster. We know the pain and that’s why we structured a great payment solution, one account funded by you in any currency and we can transfer global payment by a click of a button to anywhere else in the world.

Transparency is Key

Since payroll is a very local business, global workforce is always managed by local suppliers. But what do you know about the supplier that is managing payroll or employment on YOUR BEHALF? At Papaya, we believe in transparency in every single step of our work. This means that you’ll always know who our local partner is, why we chose to work with them, and you’ll always get our assurance to be fully compliant.

Privacy Please!

Ever wonder how sensitive information is sent back and forth between you and suppliers over email? Here at Papaya, we take privacy VERY seriously. While we are GDPR compliant, we hold ISO 2007/10 certificates and enforce single sign on protocols. We ensure that data is strictly shared with permitted users through our platform, and never by email. This is how we respect you and your workers’ privacy.

Fixed Pricing

We know that global workforce is complex, but that doesn't mean it needs to be expensive. We are proud to provide fixed pricing for all of our services without adding heavy percentage cost structures for your workers. We prefer to work on a long-term relationship with you that is also affordable. Our goal is to manage and assist our customers to spend more on their talents, not on their management.

Our Added Value


Do you use UBER over waving to a yellow cab?


Do you choose AIRBNB for your peace of mind while looking for a place to stay?


Do you use Amazon instead of shopping directly from each shop?

This is why you should choose Papaya as your global workforce manager.

In a fast growing environment with labor requirements that are quickly changing, ensure you have the worlds most advance partners and to manage your most important resource - your workers.